The Mindful Biking Series

A few weeks ago I had a "near miss" on my bike. Why we use the term "near miss" I don't know--if someone nearly misses you that actually means the person hits you.

At any rate, that led me to write a series of posts on my Bike Style Spokane blog on mindful biking. Mindfulness is one of the three watchwords I've adopted for my 2012 biking, along with consistency and variety (two sides of the same coin). 

As a friend of mine years ago was fond of saying, there's nothing quite like the prospect of a trip to the guillotine to focus your mind. In my case I've found there's nothing quite like almost hitting the side of an SUV when the mindless driver pulls out in front of you to focus your mind on your surroundings. Herewith, the mindfulness series:
Other posts that relate to mindful biking:
A couple of posts on applying my three words: