Bike blogging round-up

The late, lamented MetroSpokane blog was a great read. Five days a week, the anonymous author delivered a slice of urban life to my email in-box: Design, planning, restaurants, funky street art, commentary on local and regional policy issues—all my cup of java.

I made a habit of forwarding occasional posts to people I thought would find them interesting. After a few times of sending them to a city planner involved in Spokane’s University District because I thought the ideas expressed were a great fit for our vision there, he confessed to me that he wrote the blog.

I kept his secret, and started writing occasional cycling-related posts. Now that MetroSpokane has ceased publication and the blogger has outed himself, I wanted to collect the links to all my posts in one spot.

Spokane’s bike equity
A brief discussion of a much better piece by someone else: Dave Steele on “Unseen Bicyclists” at Next American City.

Is Spokane ready for a pedi?
Discussion of the feasibility of bike pedicabs in downtown Spokane.

Spokane loves used stuff: Here's some
An item on the bike swap being held at the first SpokeFest.

Policy wonking: Road dollars and road designs
A discussion of how road designs shape behaviors, i.e., all engineering is social engineering.

It’s All in the T-t-t-timing
Discussion of I-985, which fortunately lost big-time in the Nov. 4, 2008 elections.

Getting there on a Bike: Help us Google!
Rallying folks to ask Google to add bike-specific functionality to Google Maps, similar to what they’re doing for pedestrians.
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