Real-time reviews of job applicants, or, I can be brutally honest. Just watch.

What are we really thinking when we read your job application? For my stream of consciousness on applicants for a reasonably senior level communications job at a public research university, I share the tweets I sent out while reviewing 61 job applications.

For advice on applying for a public-sector communications job at lengths much greater than 140 characters, see Public sector communications jobs 101.

These are listed in the order in which I tweeted them, top to bottom. This is the reverse of the way you would read them if you scrolled back through my profile on that fine, fine day filled with so much joy at the incredible credentials and mad job-applying skills on parade. Thank heavens for coffee.
  • Apparently it bears repeating: When filling out job app/writing cover ltr/updating resume, PROOFREAD. Espec for comm job. Gee whiz.
  • If your cover ltr tells me "I am an experience communications professional" I don't believe you.
  • Job hunters: Don't use grandiose language. 10 years does not="vast experience". It=delusions of grandeur.
  • When applying for ANY job in public sector make sure you address EVERY component of job descrip in yr application.
  • Why? At WSU we use numerical ranking/scoring sheet. I can't give you points if you don't tell me what you can do/have done.
  • Another public-sector job hunting tip: Find & interview someone who has position like what you're applying for. Really. Trust me.
  • Another job hunting tip: Don't use "insider" acronyms. Forces me to search to figure out what you're talking about. This makes me cranky.
  • Job hunting tip: If job app form asks "reason for leaving" & you leave it blank, I can only speculate, & I have a healthy imagination.
  • Job hunters: Use typefaces/fonts consistently on your resume. Please. & logical page breaks/header placement while you're at it.
  • Job hunters: Do not get "creative" with punctuation. Using / as a separator all over your resume? Annoying.
  • Job hunters: Love it love love it when your cover ltr blows me away. It is not just a transmittal & your resume won't do all the work.
  • Job hunters in communications: We teach architecture @WSUSpokane. You are not a conversation architect. Trust me on this.
  • Re last tweet: I tend to take exception to trendy jargony buzzwordy stuff in job applications. Maybe you noticed.
  • Job hunters: Personally, I wouldn't put "conflicts w/supervisor" as reason for leaving a job. That spells Trouble with a capital T.
  • Job hunters: Don't forget to change "career objective" so it actually matches position you're applying for....
  • Job hunters: You have many fine professional qualities. Emphasize those. They're relevant. It's just great that you're "fun-loving"...
  • Job hunters: Use standard typefaces. Otherwise your accomplishments print out in Courier. Looks old-fashioned.
  • Job hunters: Detail on job app form doesn't eliminate need for detail in resume. You're making me look 2 places to understand yr career
  • Job hunters: The passive voice is to be avoided.
  • Job hunters: Surprise! Leaving dates off resume to disguise short stints doesn't work if we also have you fill out job app form.
  • Job hunters: If you say "freelancer" provide DETAIL: types of clients/projects/tasks/outcomes. Otherwise freelancer=unemployed.
  • Job hunters: Assume you won't get chance to "expand on resume in person." We need to know you can do job BEFORE interview. Ltr/resume=ALL

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