Help Bike Shop Girl Ride Again

For some time now I've read Bike Shop Girl (Arleigh Jenkins), both on her blog and on Twitter (@BikeShopGirlcom). Arleigh feels like a friend: practical, capable, dedicated to helping women experience the freedom and joy of riding a bike.

About two months ago she went through what all bike commuters have to think about at least some of the time when we're on the road: She was hit by a car. And now she's afraid to ride on the street.

She has recovered enough to be able to go mountain bike riding, but venturing out into traffic? That's another thing altogether.

A few days ago she wrote a blog post asking us to help her get back on the road. Here's my idea--and I know it's cruddy biking weather in Spokane so I'm reaching out to bike folks through Twitter, Facebook and comments on other blogs--

1) Take a bike ride in honor of Bike Shop Girl.
2) Post a comment on her blog telling her you did a ride in her honor to encourage her to start riding again, along with whatever words of encouragement you can share.
3) If you're on Twitter, post a tweet with @BikeShopGirlcom #youcanride in the body.
4) If you're on Facebook write a comment on her wall telling her you rode in her honor to help her get started again.

Let's get Bike Shop Girl back on two wheels!


  1. Great idea. In fact, I'm going on a ride today.

  2. I've seen so many factors involved in getting people back on a bike after being hit by car. A friend of mine has been hit three times and each time she just got right back on after healing up. She recognized the uniqueness of each accident and that neither one increased the likelihood of getting hit again.

    Another friend got into cycling 2-1/2 years ago. (I like to think I set a good example for him.) He began commuting to work and enjoyed it so much he bought a new road bike since the Schwinn Continental he bought back in the 70's wasn't as top notch today as it was back then. He ended up underneath a truck that ran a red light. He says he'll never ride again but he won't say any more about it than that. I suspect it's because he's afraid of what would happen to his wife, who's always been a stay at home mom, if he could no longer work.

    I know several other people who still ride after being hit by a car. Most recognize that something bad can happen even if you do everything right.

    I would ask that riders who have been hit by a car share their thoughts and experience with Bike Shop Girl.

  3. I sent her a personal message.

    I know all to well what she is going through...

  4. Thanks, Ted. I knew you'd relate!

    Bike Shop Girl posted a follow-up item at The #youcanride tag on Twitter may not have had the reach of #tweetsgiving but it did let her know that people reach out and care about each other even at a distance.

  5. Cool--just ran across a post on another women's bike blog that picked up on this.


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