If Bikes Were Electric Hand Dryers

Stay with me, people—this makes total sense. Look at the label you will find on many an electric hand dryer in the rest stops of our nation’s highways.

Now indulge me in a little creative copy editing.

Dryers Bikes help protect the environment.

They save trees from being used for paper towels foreign oil imports from being used for fuel.

They eliminate paper towel waste vehicle emissions, wear and tear on roads, competition for parking, and a growing epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

They are more sanitary cheaper to use than paper cars and help maintain cleaner facilities air and better roads.

So how do we get this posted in places where you can’t avoid reading the same message over and over? Are you with me, World Dryer Corporation?

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  1. Hand dryers use electricity. Fuel is used to generate electricity. Hand dryers are not good for the environment...

    Although they are good for warming up under...and drying off under after a commute in the rain! :D

  2. Very true! And electric hand dryers didn't do me any good the time I had a carsick kid who threw up everywhere and I ran out of spare towels and clothing for the clean-up....

    In my part of the US (eastern Washington state) much of our electricity comes from hydropower. The dams create some impacts on fish habitat but hydro doesn't consume resources and blast off mountaintops the way coal does.

    There are no 100% clean choices; our bikes require some resources to make them too. Just not NEARLY as much as cars!

    Thanks for the comment :D.


  3. I just realized I got my post title backwards. It SHOULD have been "If Electric Hand Dryers Were Bikes." Oh well.


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