A Monday Thought or Two (or More)

Last week I cleaned my office so I'm starting off the new year in a shiny clean space. In my cleaning frenzy, though, I didn't throw out the things I have nearby to look at when I need to shake my brain loose so it works better. Among them are a few quotations to start off the week for you--

Each of us is a seed of divinely inspired possibility which, when nurtured in its proper context, can and will grow into the fullest expression of all we are supposed to become. 
- Thomas Parham

He who binds himself to a joy
Does the wing├ęd life destroy.
He who kisses the joy as it flies,
Lives in Eternity's sunrise.
- William Blake

Pay attention.
Explore intelligently.
Judge soundly.
Decide and act responsibly.
- from a long-forgotten speaker who was summarizing someone's works on ethical decision making

What will you:
KEEP doing
START doing
STOP doing?

What metrics go with projects and how do they relate to goals? 

Your turn

Do you have a favorite inspirational thought to share?


  1. Normalcy is solely a question of statistics
    --Aldous Huxley

  2. Nice post to start the year....I like muchly. One of my favorites: "You hang [hold] on to your pain like it means something"...Nathaniel Fisher, Six Feet Under.

  3. Every day is an opportunity to do something remarkable.


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