Dear National Health Care Reform,

We don’t know each other well. I’m quite aware you have depths I will learn more about in the coming years as we mature together. As in any relationship, I will find things I’m not so crazy about. 

You may find out about some of my weaknesses and problems too—some of which will cost you money. 

We will have to weather these storms together and there may be some need for flexibility, adaptation and evolution along the way.

In our first days together, though, I must thank you for what you did for my oldest daughter. You made it possible for me to put her back on my family health insurance coverage after she went off.

She would have stayed on the insurance had she still been in college. After her first year, though, the family financial situation meant she needed to work for a while and save money in order to continue her education. 

She is responsible and hard-working but without a college degree, naturally she can’t find a job that comes with health insurance.

She needs the insurance too. She has a couple of chronic conditions that require some attention and prescriptions. With health insurance she can get medical care and medications. With these she can stay healthy, work, and pay taxes to help cover the cost of coverage she would not otherwise have.

In the future these chronic conditions (which aren't life-threatening, thankfully) could have been a bar to changing insurance providers. But again, thanks to you, that won't be the case. She can stay insured continuously, which will help prevent the stop/start medical care that could make life difficult.

There may be a few things about you I won’t entirely love. But you have made a real difference for our family and our ability to contribute to the economy and stay healthy. Nobody's perfect so let's agree to give each other credit for doing the best we can within our limitations.

Thanks, National Health Care Reform.

P.S. Oh, and your nickname--"Obamacare"? I'm fine with that. I'll use it affectionately since I'm so happy about what you've done for us.

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